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Walking down the beach one day, wearing an old t-shirt with the saying “I like Groovy People™” on it, our founder, Jay, was stopped by a very nice couple.  They asked where he had purchased his t-shirt.  That was the beginning of many inquisitive interruptions, albeit pleasant ones!  Jay soon noticed that every time he ventured out in the t-shirt, people would stop him and ask the same question.  In talking about the slogan, Jay realized that there was serious interest in the concept.  Conversations about living a good life, making the most of our talents and abilities, following our dreams, and paying it forward, led Jay to trademark the slogan so that he could build a movement around it.  
While in the process of getting the slogan trademarked, Jay realized that all the conversations he was having about his t-shirt began to blend with his already established non-profit foundation called Follow Your Dream ™.  Through personal assessment, mentoring, and training,  FYD seeks to assist people in the workforce to discover the commonality between their talents and their interests, directing them toward career paths that will bring personal satisfaction to the individual and higher economic productivity to the workforce.  What a perfect match!  
From the mentors who volunteer their expertise with the FYD Foundation™, to the clients served, everyone has something in common … to live a good life, make the most of our talents, follow our dreams, and to pay it forward.  It only made sense to marry the movement with the Foundation and create www.ilikegroovypeople.com, an online retail store that sells products with the “I Like Groovy People” slogan on them.  This store has become one of the funding arms of the FYD Foundation™.  
Our slogan-based products represent the “I like Groovy People” movement, of a life driven by the will to prosper and do good.    

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“I Like Groovy People™” is a slogan that represents our mission:  To live a purposeful and enjoyable life.  Our motto is found on all products we sell.  The movement makes it a priority to live a well-intentioned existence, to capitalize on our talents and abilities, to follow our dreams, and to pay it forward.  


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